what parameter do you consider in determining a woman is fugly

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it said the beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
but what are the specifics.
i think women should probaly keep off except supu.
she is known to eat both sides of the dish.


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heeeheeee, kwangu ni mwili wastani,urefu wastani....uso Wa kuonyesha furaha,manze wa kujiwachilia...hasa ule wakti Wa kujamiana....


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If she has a pulse and is breathing thats always a good start..
Seriously, a big shapely booty does it for me.Hizo qualities zingine we can work around them.


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Awe at least 5.6 feet tall, nice facial features, not brown, not overweight, nice smile, boobs D size and nice shapely bootie or and with a good sense of humor. Sitaki mtu wa kukaa kama amekasirika saa zote.


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- Tooth Pick legs
- No haga
-Saggy boobs
- Manly face
- Rough hands..mkono sandpaper
- Pimples
- Dresses like a mkorino.. Skirt ndefu plus kamisi
and many more
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