What We Can Learn From Julius Yego's Great Achievement

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Yego is now the Javelin world champion with a mammoth throw of 92.72m. CONGRATS!


Worthy to note:

- It's an African record.
- It's the third longest throw in history!
- It's the longest throw in 14 years!
- It's Kenya's first ever Gold medal in a field event!

So what can we learn from Yego?

It's time for Kenya to diversify from track events and increase our medal haul as he is proof of our diverse talent.

- The Maasais should be introduced to High Jump and Long Jump. Including Archery.

- Gor Mahia hooligans should try Shot Put and Discus Throw instead of causing mayhem at CBD with stone throwing.

- Lake Victoria & Pwani fishermen could also excel at Canoeing and Rowing which are Olympic events.

- Kikuyus and Kambas can try out Race Walking. Those guys can walk really fast especially when chasing that paper.

- Lunjes should try out Heptathlon and Decathlon. They tend to be talented in multiple disciplines.
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We also need to improve on swimming, archery, wrestling and canoeing. Those events can bring us medals in future Olympics.
Yego is an inspiration. He came fourth in 2013 in Moscow and clearly he was a man on the rise. Great throw from the Egyptian as well. BTW, Yego and that Egyptian guy have the same coach.


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ION, Kenya's good performance has been soured by doping. Joyce Zakary and Koki Manunga tested positive for prohibited substances.
Yego's is an epic and historic moment achieved painstakingly one step at a time. All this when everybody believed that Kenya had no business in field events.
In Yego's own words...
It was unbelievable, I am happy
I won a gold medal for Kenya. I
have been training hard for this
championships. After
Birmingham I had a serious
injury and thought I would not
be competing so to throw big
like this is unbelievable.
Kenya's Julius Yego, javelin
gold medallist.


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Was a good thread until that tribal stereotyping came up.
I am simply acknowledging the strengths of different cultures/ backgrounds/ traditions/ regions and how those strengths can be crystallized and harnessed for more sporting glory in the international stage.


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and kenya should appreciate our athletes more, they have been successful for long its almost taken for granted. another first was the 400m gold, we aren't known in sprints. emphasis should be given on training at a young age and all events made available at high school level
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