What's going in the SDA church. nepotism, ethnicity stealing of funds..?


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SDA attributes wrangles at Maxwell Church to negative ethnicity, graft

y NJOKI ****U, NAIROBI, Kenya, Aug 14 – The Nairobi Cosmopolitan Conference (NCC) of the Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) church has attributed the recent SDA Church wrangles to corruption and negative ethnicity.

Speaking during a press conference on Wednesday, conference’s Chairperson Samuel Masara, said church members have witnessed with dismay the loss of focus by the leaders of the Nairobi Central Maxwell church a majority of whom, he said, are now pursuing personal gain at the expense of the church...

Masara further stated that the SDA church has experienced massive misappropriation of church funds for what he termed as selfish interests.

“This corruption and a litany of injustices in our church has manifested itself in unfair access to scholarship opportunities where leaders dish out these opportunities to themselves, family members and their cronies so as to gain more academic degrees to qualify for higher church positions,” said Masara.


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Nyando MP Jared Okello now wants fellow parliamentarians professing the faith to intervene in the wrangles facing Maxwell SDA Church.

Okello who is a member of Othoo SDA Church in Nyando termed the ongoing wrangles as ungodly acts which are likely to split the church if not solved with speed.

Okello’s sentiments come a day after services were disrupted at Maxwell SDA church, following leadership wrangles which have hit the church for the past one month.

On Saturday, police dispersed church members following the fracas, with the premises remaining closed locking out the congregants until the matters are resolved.

The legislator said this move had exposed the church to ridicule since the internal issues raised by the two worrying factions should have been solved internally.

“I am reaching out to my fellow legislators who profess the Adventist faith, governors and senior government officials to set a date to meet both camps separately and later together to address the concerns, before it spirals out of control. Christ is about unity and not disunity or dismembering flock,” said Okello.

According to Okello, the SDA church has for a long time had a strong standing in the society, even at a time other churches were facing turbulence.

He accused the wrangling groups of being pushed by selfish interests which have since clouded the main role of the church, which is spiritual nourishment.

He however noted that the incident at the church does not reflect the picture of the entire SDA Church which has thousands of members across the country.


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On that note, why did the Catholic church change the worship day from Saturday?
that's the catholic church. they're a hellbound group because of many other things. specific days of worship are absolutely irrelevant in Christ. pick any day and run with it if you wish.


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Kenyanism (vice and total corruption) happened. Only natural, it being the HQ of SDA like any other high office where Kenyans love to loot.