Whats the best rice variety?

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Leo Mwangih

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Am a sucker for rice and can eat it every day provided i change the method of cooking.
My problem is that i have never found a good variety in Kenyan market. I used to do pearl ikanibore i went to basmati aromatic and am just tired of the taste.
Kindly share the best variety of rice you know and the price for a 2 kg or 5 kg?


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Jollof rice, whatever that means. Am reliably informed it's very delicious.
-jollof rice hupikwa aje? hii joloff niliiskia kwa afro cinema it seems nigeria ndio inapikwa sana
-alafu ile "honey wheat" wanatangazanga i think ni unga ya ugali but ya color brown made with honey naskia pia ni tamu sana. nawes get wapi?


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o_Oo_O cooking rice + spaghetti and taking it with stew ni bhangi? just as old monk has pointed out, youtube has endless videos of all recipes for all types of foods. ingia uko, search, watch the videos and repeat your comment gashwin...
i imagine rice needs at least 15 minutes to cook well while spaghetti needs 8-10. how then or yours is a recipe for thick congee?


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I,being in Bongo with my Tz wife is very lucky. There's this recipe,she makes njegere(some green type of beans) + matumbo puts in tui la mnazi mixed together as stew……rice is prepared separately. Nakwambia, ni noma sana.
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