When and how did you learn to drive?


Village Elder
I learnt driving through Sony driving school back in 08 , nilikuwa napea instructor 100 or 50 akunywe makali then napiga malap with the lorry for about 2 hours. We were few students at that branch which turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Final exams ilikuwa traffic headquarters and the cops were testing over 500 potential drivers. Karao hawakuwa na noma provided that you could start the minibus, shift from gear two to three and then stop it ilikuwa umepita.
12 years ago, taking my Dad's vehicle for a marathon around the estate whenever he was out of Nairobi.

And to imagine all this will not matter because in 50 years - the ability to drive a car may then be as good as ability to ride a horse - makes me shudder.


Village Elder
Used to chokora mzee's car. Would drive it around the compound or around the estate most of the time he was on safari. Thought it was too easy until when my uncle and I went to fetch some stuff from a distance using his pickup. He disappeared on me and went to get some slices nearby while some guys were loading the pickup. Was found by another lover of the same woman and had to 123 toka mbio from back door and disappear on foot. Waited without knowing for about two hrs then decided enough was enough. When I reached the main road, hazards and gear one became my very good forward motion partners. Driving a pickup on the main road which has other cars is a different ball game for a teenager, far much advanced than stealing your old man's car and driving around the estate.


Village Elder
Was not a fan of motoring. Uber changed things (evindu bichenjanga)
DL Kuletewa
Took my First Uber(axio) on Test Drive. The rest is History, Nimegongwa Thika Rd. as of now Uber No 3.
Driving is simple. Concentration ndio Muhimu.