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  1. MadPhilosopher

    MadPhilosopher Village Elder

    Manze niko mat or with people and I can't browse the website in peace. Naogopa msee aone my handle and consequently hiyo meffi me huongea :D
  2. 1776

    1776 Village Elder

    Seconded. Lakini wacha kuongea umeffi pia ndio usiaibike.
  3. MadPhilosopher

    MadPhilosopher Village Elder

    Sio 'meffi' ile meffi bro just these things hudai to say them out loud.
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  4. grandpa

    grandpa Village Elder

    @Deorro, please implement this. I can never open KTALK in any public place, restaurant etc. Please replace the username with the word 'Settings or Profile', it's not like someone is going to forget their username
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  5. Okwonkwo

    Okwonkwo Village Sponsor

    ...na imetoka grandpa
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  6. Jimit

    Jimit Village Elder

    Kwani ni nini mmefanya hapa hamtaki mjulikane kule nje?? Mliua mtu?? Mlitomba bibi ya askari?? Mtu ukiwa kwa mat uone hapo juu imeandikwa Jimit, salimia mimi
    Last edited: Dec 4, 2017
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  7. Ice_Cube

    Ice_Cube Village Sponsor

    manaogopa nini wadau
  8. MadPhilosopher

    MadPhilosopher Village Elder

    Well planning to ferk my married neighbour is not something I plan on sharing at a personal level, hope unaelewa sasa :D:D
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  9. hcaikp

    hcaikp Village Elder

    public place is a no no....
  10. culture

    culture Village Elder

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  11. jagger_snr

    jagger_snr Village Sponsor

    Seconded. I also don't feel in the right place with khupipi passing by my home desk routinely and my incognito is right there top of my screen. Admin do something uifichafiche kiasi. Juu anaeza kuwa ananimonitor pole pole nkiweka mbisha ama hekaya za Kunguru and or undisclosed lokeshens. Asande in advanj.
  12. 1776

    1776 Village Elder

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  13. Marketing 101

    Marketing 101 Senior Villager

    Gathee si uandike JS kidogo tu. Najua haiwezi kushinda
  14. pamba

    pamba Village Sponsor

    Sisi watu wa ktalk Vip room can't relate
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