When it Comes to Household Income, Sweden and Germany Rank with Kentucky

Health care isn’t free in germany. It’s not “free” anywhere in the world. See, in the recent presidential democratic debates, our socialists have extolled the virtues of countries like the one you live in. What they omit is telling the American people what it’s going to cost in the form of increased TAXES. They are also not telling us WHO will benefit from “Medicare for all.”

Basically what the left has been saying is a lie.
Many European countries like Sweden have gained a reputation as being very wealthy in spite of their highly regulated and taxed economies.

So we assumed that the rest of Europe is more or less similar, even if slightly poorer. But if we look more closely at the data, a very different picture emerges, and we find that the median household in the US is better off (income-wise) than the median household in all but three European countries.
Until you fall sick and then you have the co pays and deductibles many people have been bankrupt by illness!


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Yes but I only have made one argument.That there is nothing like free healthcare anywhere. You are forgetting to cost the healthcare itself. Needles, syringes, medication, hospital fees, doctor fees cost something. In your case your government pays the costs. And collects it by taxing you-its citizens. In the US, technically the citizens pay the fees. But they have the benefit of being taxed half your rate.
But since you are drawing me into comparing which system is better, I can only give you a biased opinion. But lets start from one thing since you say that you know the US system: Have you ever heard of a federal law called the Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act (EMTALA)? It requires almost all hospitals to provide treatment to all patients who need emergency medical treatment regardless of whether the patients have health insurance. So how will you die in the house when this law covers you?
That law is a joke , it only covers basics many people have died in ERs due to lack of insurance, they will admit you, d band aid, but not treat you or do thorough testing if you don't have insurance.
I personally know of several incidences one lady was in severe abdominal pain was rushed several times to the ER for over one year only to be told it was cancer after she got insurance by then it was stage IV .