When she won't photocopy you

Baba Toto

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After reading a thread about barren ladies, I wanted to share my experience so I can help someone in a similar situation.
I met this 25 year old kunguru at her place of work. We used to talk on the phone and she told me she was happily married to someone 15 years older. I thought there was no chance.
One day I met her at a restaurant with a sponsor and when I asked her about it later, she said she was just kamuaring him for money.
Because I have loose morals and low standards, I decided that I too wanted a ride on the merry-go-round. I took her out for drinks a few times and she agreed to unleash the goods.
Afterwards, during post coital recovery, she told me that her husband had plucked her from the village, taken her virginity and domesticated her. He desperately wanted to breed but she didn't. Every time he released his little soldiers, she would immediately go to the toilet to piss and then Jacob Zuma with hot water.
She had avoided pregnancy for two years and the husband dragged her to test after test until he convinced himself the problem was with him.
I asked her why she didn't leave him and marry someone younger (not me) but she said a very strange thing - I can't leave him because I love him.
Go figure.......

Baba Toto

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Peeing and washing with hot water cannot impede conception!
Std 6 homescience tings. :)
Well, it seems to be working so far despite being at the same scientific level as making those tu insects that walk on water bite your tits to make them bigger (njururi).....

Baba Toto

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To women Pipe ya kukojoa (urethra) is on a different line na fallopian pipe . They share the same exit but not same origin.its us men that pipe ya reproduction na kukojoa ni same . tafuta porn video uone poa if you can't find a woman to investigate.
My fren, I not only know that, but I even know that squirting allegedly happens from glands that are at the rim of the urethral opening. Na ile cream ya qoomer is produced from the lining of the vaginal walls.
I know pumpum !!!!


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Bwana these women are devils. Some you educate then they show you the middle finger when you are down.

The good book says that whoever finds a wife finds himself a good thing. However to get a good wife is becoming a herculean task more ardous than cleaning the Augean stables.

Somebody say Amen.