When the deal is sweet, Faiba JTL, Think twice!

which internet unlimited provider do you trust?

  • Safaricom

    Votes: 15 46.9%
  • Telkom

    Votes: 6 18.8%
  • Zuku

    Votes: 9 28.1%
  • Faiba JTL

    Votes: 1 3.1%
  • Accesskenya

    Votes: 1 3.1%

  • Total voters
Just from Faiba JTL facebook page and I can't believe the ratings there, an average of 1.3 star ....man kuna shida. Customer Care ikiwa chini, go for a better option!


the new safcom home internet has been very reliable so far. but then maybe its coz the connections are few
I used Safaricom too and it's reliable as f**k on my end too. Only had a problem once and the next morning they were at my place to resolve it