When the snakes turn on you there is nowhere left to run.


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Kwani Cuomo alifanya nini jameni? Last year he was a beloved member of the DNC. Kwani did he forget himself and call Obama a nigger to his face?

The fake news media loved him. His fellow Italians Fauci, De Blasio and Pelosi loved him. :D:D:D

The New York Times loved him.



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Tunajua hii ni preemptive strike. Trump lost to a 70 year old woman. He got pounded by a 77 year old man. A 66 year old white man will give him a thrushing in 2024 when he is 79 turning 80 and withered. Tunawaonea 18 @T.Vercetti.


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His ambitions to became POTUS.

Sex scandal imeisha ama "more women have come forward?" Enyewe it sounds like someone's out to get this fucker.

Siku hizi kukatia msichana in a Liberal city ni dhambi. I'm listening to this female but I can't see the crime.

He never touched her alimkatia tu. :D:D:D

Look at the feminist news anchor and her demon eyes. Huyo hata kuma yake ni ice cold with hatred for men.

These are the people @Abba and @Nattydread worship.

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