When You Have Money And The Sex Is Good- Shiat Happens


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A woman engaged to a dad-of-four twice her age says it was 'love at first sight' after she fell for his slick dance moves and snappy dress sense.

They also lost friends along the way – including people who tried to break them up by claiming John had cheated.
Entrepreneur and fitness coach Najlah Muhammad, 24, from Arizona, first met the business man and dad-of-four John Malott, 48, from Wisconsin, in August 2016 at a nightclub where he was celebrating his birthday.
One of Najlah's friends introduced them to each other and they became inseparable, falling in love within weeks of dating.
The couple received a lot of backlash about their relationship, with both families unsure about the union and John's 25-year-old daughter initially refusing to even speak to Najlah.

Dude could have maintained his alpha status if he hadn't married her. I just hope he made her sign a prenup because, with that age difference, there's almost 100% chance that she's gonna get dicked by a younger guy while still married to this dude. Then they're gonna divorce, and she's gonna take half the wealth the guy has accumulated since before she was born.


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This proves the point I have been telling you guys... men do not have an expiry date as long as you eat good and exercise often. Now imagine what a woman of the same age with four kids would look like. Only fools can be rushed by life. Acha mbio, eat good, ook for money and sit back, them hos will come chasing after you