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Where are these boys

So reward money is now 50k dollars. This is now week 3. Where can a 3 and a 4 year old be for going on a month? I hate humans for the things that they do to children. These ch don't send applications to be born or adopted. I often say here that the worst humans are often couples. Imagine going to adopt kids to the point of changing their names to get money from government and getting rid of the kids while sending FBI, neighbors and well wishers on a wild goose chase for a month pretending that you don't know where these kids are. Meanwhile cctv from the neighbors show that you are not even looking in the compound on the day you reported them missing.

People say adults who choose not to have children adopted or biological are selfish but what is more selfish than adopting kids to get money from government then getting rid of those kids. I don't know these kids from a bar of soap but every day I shed tears for them, I have not seen a single tear drop from these adoptive parents.Their biological dads signed their parental rights away to avoid paying child support and their biological mother chose drugs over her kids and that is how these kids ended up in the system.


I really toss and turn every night thinking of these babies. They have consumed my daily life. I just don’t understand none of this makes sense. How do two toddlers just disappear off the face of the earth without a trace. And the AP’s just disgust me every time I look at them because I know they did something. Why do people hurt kids. I just don’t understand for the life of me.