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  1. uwesmake

    uwesmake Village Sponsor

    sawa but tutafika , tukifika tuende hio galaxy na umesema ukikufa unaenda hio galaxy ?
  2. Zee

    Zee Village Elder

    ukikufa unaoza unakua recycled into the ecosystem stpry sa soul na spirit ni hekaya za bible which have no solid proof
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  3. Nananimpa

    Nananimpa Village Elder

    Yes i will. The bible in the book of Genesis and the first chapter in John talks about God existing before the creation of the world and him creating it. He was not created by anyone. He existed. He has no begining or end.
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  4. officiale

    officiale Village Elder

    Humans believing in the afterlife is just to give them hope but in reality when you die you die ,its like a light bulb ukizima know one can know it was on a few min ago.
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  5. Susskid

    Susskid Senior Villager

    Chukua Like MKUBWA.You area real Mzee Mzima.

    Pewa like mkubwa.

    Mi hushangaa sana kuona watu wazima believing in mbullchieth.

    Majority of human beings can't accept the fact that one day one time they will die and that will be their end.

    The fear of death has unfortunately made a lot of people seek solace and false hopes of the afterlife in baseless and often ridiculous superstitions.(Religion is the main peddler of the afterlife BS)

    Denying the reality of death won't make anyone immortal.
    The fact is:We will all die and cease to exist.

    Just like you never existed before you were conceived,you cease to exist when you die.

    Overcoming the fear of death is refreshing and reasonable too because death is inevitable and its a natural occurrence.

    Wacheni tukuwe reasonable jameni.

    When you swat an annoying mosquito to death ama kama yule jamaa amesumbuliwa na Kunguni,azifanyie a kunguni massacre,do you guys think there is a mosquito heaven ama kunguni paradise where kutakuwa na eternal supply of fresh human blood in unimaginable flavours?
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  6. officiale

    officiale Village Elder

  7. Okwonkwo

    Okwonkwo Village Sponsor

    In science, we say the past is present with us in time.
  8. Susskid

    Susskid Senior Villager

    Aty Evolution is just a theory?

    Evolution is a SCIENTIFIC Theory and a Fact.


    It is a scheme or system of ideas or statements held as an explanation or account of a group of facts or phenomena;a hypothesis THAT HAS BEEN CONFIRMED or ESTABLISHED by OBSERVATION or EXPERIMENT,and is ACCEPTED as accounting for the known FACTS.

    For example:

    The Heliocentric THEORY of the Solar System is the THEORY that the earth and other planets orbit the sun.

    It is obviously evident you don't know what you are talking about.
    You are confusing a SCIENTIFIC THEORY with the "general"/ layman's Theory(speculation, conjecture or individual view or notion)

    What is a fact:Something that has really occurred or is actually the case;something certainly known to be true,hence a a particular truth known by ACTUAL OBSERVATION.

    Evolution is a fact.Beyond reasonable,intelligent and informed doubt.There are piles and piles of evidence for evolution.(Fossils, DNA )

    The evidence for evolution is as strong as the evidence of existence of stars and planets.

    It is a fact that we are cousins of chimpanzees,whether you like it or not.

    You have no choice but to accept Evolution, if you can reject evolution, you can as well reject all other Scientific Theories, and Laws.

    For you to observe actual evolution happening before your eyes,you need to live millions of years.

    Evolution is also too slow for direct eye observation.Just like the Continental Drift:The Africa Continent and South America Continents are pulling away from each other too slowly for us to notice.
  9. Okwonkwo

    Okwonkwo Village Sponsor

    But animals can do the will of God, right?
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  10. 1776

    1776 Village Elder

    They can carry it out
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  11. 1776

    1776 Village Elder

    This verbiage is proof you have no idea what you're on about. Copy pasting doesn't make you knowledgeable. It just makes you a copy paster.
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  12. Susskid

    Susskid Senior Villager

    You have no content hence nothing to say, stop attacking my persona.

    I expect a counter argument based on facts,proofs or reasonable logic.

    Unfortunately,you are too enshrouded in fallacy and superstition,am tempted to think you cannot learn anything new except that which supports your favourite nonsensical beliefs.
  13. Jimit

    Jimit Village Elder

    I know my argument is vague but I'm allowed to add my 2 cents. Its true that most stuff in Science are based on FACTS. But one thing that Science has failed to prove is whether there really is life after death. This is the only situation that religion comes in. Why doesn't religion try to prove Science false in other instances such as technology?? We've seen Science solving majority of our problems even things that seemed impossible years ago. But why has it failed to prove whether there is life after death of all the questions it has answered???

    This just goes on to show me that there must be a superior being out there who no matter how powerful we'll come to be, we can never outpower him. We can never outpower death. We can never know whether He exists or not. But he has given us humans choices. Believe or Don't Believe.

    Then let's for once go with Charles Darwin theory. That humans have existed only through evolution from tiny organisms. This organisms, did they just one day decide by themselves to exist??? Or something created them?? If I get answers to this, I'll still continue believing in God's existence
  14. 1776

    1776 Village Elder

    More verbiage man. As I said do not copy paste. Bring your knowledge. What you've read and studied.

    Then call me. I can shut down your evolution theory with a single statement. So bring what you have or just chill in the corner.

  15. uwesmake

    uwesmake Village Sponsor

    hukumbuki ana animal talking in the bible ? specifically ile punda iliuliza mbona inapigwa ?
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  16. 1776

    1776 Village Elder

    Read a few verses before and figure out why it spoke.
  17. 1776

    1776 Village Elder

    Wacha nikuambie the day mbwa yangu ever talks to me naitupa kutoka 3rd floor :D:D
  18. YuleMseeMbaya

    YuleMseeMbaya Village Elder

    Why do people struggle with things that they can't explain,no one knows, so chill out and have a blast and have fun,forget about things you cannot explain,used to worry about stuff but stopped
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  19. ikonini

    ikonini Senior Villager

    When you die.... i believe in reincarnation. That why you should take care of how you live, be good to people, keep your self healthy and take care of your environment, coz you never know how and when you will come back.
    Sometimes i look at my Dog and our eyes get locked staring at each other and i cant help wonder if it does tries to tell me something.
    I am not religious, but i am spiritual.
  20. Princebushy

    Princebushy Senior Villager

    The answer is personal, I will know when I reach there. Funny enough I won't be able to tell you. They created Heaven so that man can stop thinking about death and focus on the present.