Where in the crowd are the morbidly curious?

Have you ever stopped to think of why there tends to be a seemingly gratuitous tendency, almost universally to engage in Rubber Necking as you pass an active accident scene in the aftermath?
Are you the type to want to pause, zoom in, or slow a beheading video so you can see and hear all the fine details clearly?
Do your crawl through the web trying to get Mexican Narco Enforcement videos, or else, Taliban, Al Qaeda, and ISIL activities in the middle east?
It is a tendency that is strikingly common in human beings, even without them consciously realizing the fact.
Anyway, if you are mobidly curious, you've probably seen this already, and if you are not aware of this , go check out "Documenting Reality". There is enough to satisfy the morbid curiosity of at least 99% of the poplulation.
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There's one i saw juzi of Nigerian soldiers slaughtering boko haram that had been captured. That s**t is still disturbing me. Semeni ng'wee! niweke
Hehe. Wow. I think the madness started with the beheading of that guy Nick Berg circa 2004. The fever quickly spread across the middle east, particularly the Taliban in Afghanistan, and form er Baathists in Post-Saddam politics. George W. Bush was squarely culpable for the madness after 2003. After cutting off Saddam, then subsequently banning Saddam's Baathist Republican Guard, littered with absolutey psychopaths, game was over.
Some of those beheadings were hypersadistic. The slow beheaders:
In one they partially beheaded, and stayed just shy of cutting off the carotid arteries, thenthe kicked the guy into a shallow grave to drown in his own regurgitated blood as his respiratory system tried to function with some loud wheezing noises.
In Mexico Narco wars, that stuff for those guys is like filling up a glass with water, no sweating it. In one this guy is seated on a bench. Then the executor is right next to him, then casually starts cutting off the head from one side near the back of the head, and this in no hurry at all , and the killed guy barely flinched, perhaps from shock!
Another one walks next to a seated enemy who has been bound, then he fires up a chain saw and casually places it on the guys neck, just abit to take off about half an inch to one then lifts the chain saw. And then he does it and stops, And at the third pass the guy falls down.
In another, I think they hanged him upside down(Very brutal tactic because the brain is getting a rush of blood to keep it going. I think they first cut off his penis slowly and meticulously, and can't remember if they stuck it in his own mouth or dropped it, and then proceeds to casually , but not in a hurry, beating the guy with a 4 by 4 wooden block until almost all major bones were broken. Literally getes beaten to death.
But Mexico has since put to shame almost EVERYONE.....they even had skinning ones!!!
Nitumie link nione

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There's one i saw juzi of Nigerian soldiers slaughtering boko haram that had been captured. That s**t is still disturbing me. Semeni ng'wee! niweke
Well let's say Abu Musab Al Zarqawi touched off the era of gross executions for psyops and it's gone downhill from there.....
where is the video?