Where is Kalonzo?

Someone is conspicuously missing in action. Did he come back from Hawaii? Looks like someone learnt from the DP's tribulations at the Hague. Unaachwa unaropoka kwa rally saa hio babuon has stepped back doing his lazy blinks and wiping off tears from one of his teary eyes. Days later unajikuta kwa investigations za crime against humanity and babuon is the first kukupeana kwa commission. Melon hataki hio upuss. Judging from babuon body language in today's campaign in western, the guy is on his own. Kamelon bolted long ago. I also believe Kalonzo and DCJ are close. There's a likelihood they've realized following babuon and expecting to get to canaan is akin to expecting Titanic to refloat and take to the skies. Explains why the DCJ and CJ made an appearance in Uhuru park on friday. Those wakoras desperately want to redeem themselves. Babuon hana bahati image.jpg


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