Where to find wife material

Andrew Kibe

Senior Villager
Hey guys and girls, mko fiti lakini? Now I've gone through some threads here and I see one big complaint Kenyan men have is finding a woman to wife. Ni shida, now you skia that women young women in 254 are 3 times likely to have HIV than men. It's hard.

Ok here's what to do kama you've decided to marry. You need to ask yourself where do you pick chicks? My fren, you can't pick Chiles in clubs and road trips and rugby events at Ngong Road alafu you cry that there are no women.

Kaa chini, list the attributes you want in a Chile and ask yourself where is this kind of Chile found? What story will she tell me. Don't be fooled around by shisha chicks, tattoo chicks and depressed Corporate chicks alafu unakuja kutulilia hapa.

Kama ni choir ya kanisa enda huko, Kama ni Museum go search there bwana. Maybe she's a work + home Chile and hardly goes out. Wewe tafuta juu you amuad to marry.