Where would you be?


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Where would you be? I was asked
Retire by 35? Live for the job and ignore your life?,most people are either successful business people who discovered that potential later; budding/practicing successful entrepreneurs; or ass kissers that wake up to take a forced matatu or self drive tour on one the many roads that head to 'office' where they go and do some boring repetitive shet waiting for the clock to tick towards retirement-by when they will have raised two or more Kenyans and managed to at least secured a better burial place than old lang'ata cemetery. You can start education any time in life but you can't start a business too late coz you'll have less time to enjoy a booming business and all the perks that come with it. Where would you be if all the school fees used on you and your siblings' higher education was to be merged and focused towards starting a business? A business ran by you. Saving you all that time and may he tarmacking. Where would the business be? Listed in NSE? May be. Your kids and grand kids won't inherit papers, titles band bodyguards when your replacement sits in the corner office quicker than nkaisserry's. However, they can inherit good money, solid business's you have watched grow and and desirable legacy when you leave. I'd not saying people should quit campus etc. But should they have it as a priority if they don't have a slave mentality? Kudos to the homeschooling parents of now and future. The others...well choose what's to do when he/she comes home with a cert after the trophy less final national competitions. Where would they be? 4 years ahead or four years unready? No anger, Just thinking.


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Not everyone is cut for biz..Some pple are low risk takers or some people are comfor table with 8-5 office work.
Makinf it in Biz not a bed of roses as many think.
Know where u belong and maximise..