Where's Bilian Ojiwa and Caroline Mwatha?

Are we back to Willie Kimani style forced disappearances of civil society activists?

Human rights activists are today set hold demos over the disappearance of their colleague Caroline Mwatha Ochieng.
24hour ultimatum and then what? By the records so far, she disappeared and the case will be treated as such, *Missing Person*
She wasn't arrested by the police, though going by past similar cases we can all guess what happened.
An activist that 99.9999999% of Kenyans have never heard of.
If it were Omtata we could suspect something.

Lakini hii, I'd place my bet that her disappearance either has nothing to do with her work, or nothing to do with the government.
Not saying she's dead, but what is to say she didn't take a death taxi like that lady the other day?

Anyway, I hear one of them has been found alive. Let's hope the other one has blacked out somewhere after a wild weekend.