White widow amejua hajui



The elusive white widow aka Sally Jones who was the world's most wanted female terrorist alimalizwa na hessy wa US

The fugitive jihadi, who was once a punk rock singer, was killed in June in a US strike close to the border between Syria and Iraq.

For more than three years Jones has been the world’s most wanted female terrorist.


Village Sponsor
I remember the raid in Mombasa when she was about to be caught. A mole leaked to her that kunakujwo.
She left in such a hurry and even left cash and all her belongings. That's how they got her passport.
It was a close call. (Samantha, not Sally).


Village Elder
si alikua anaitwa Samantha Lewthwaite? A very beauriful Jihadi ghel . Huyu sally Jones ni nani. anyhu wapi effidence.