Who else is like me? please advice to stopthis addiction


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I like to brush my tongue when brushing my teeth.i always push toothbrush all the way back till i start choking.i have realized i like choking so much.for the past few years i have been choking myself with my toothbrush even at work.i graduated to using fingers.after i choked myself today, i had a disturbing memory flash of me as a kid.my uncle was choking me with his fingers.he inserted two fingers down my throat and choked me till kingdom come.i remembered something else.i heard a sound similar to that of a zip.next thing is something meaty warm and huge choking me again.it was so long and soft.i don't know how my uncle fingers got so huge suddenly and started choking me again smoothly.i remember enjoying that choking.he was making funny sounds too before his fingers emitted thick and sticky porridge down my throat,how now?.is that what made me enjoy choking?i am finding myself praying that my uncle chokes me again with his big warm meaty finger but i dont know how to ask.
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Wow, I can't believe how post like this actually passing by here by many standarts, I simply can't get the whole situation anyway, please bite me so I can devote some time to learn how to fix all of that. How such nonsense can even appear that ?