Who has killed more, Satan or God?


Village Elder

This is the question that plagues the Bible. Christians know that their "god" killed more people. Anyone familiar with the scriptures will note that this "god" has no reservations about ordering the deaths of heathens. In the Old Testament he is not a God of Peace. Even the Laws of Moses, given to ensure man lives in harmony, includes death sentences for certain violations. The Flood is the most obtrusive example of his mass annihilation tactics for those who have strayed from his direction. The destruction of the cities of the plain is another. Furthermore, god's own actions are far from exemplary. He lies to Adam and Eve regarding the poisonous state of the apple and curses the serpent for telling Eve the truth about the apple. He approves of Noah's animal sacrifice after the flood because the burning flesh has a pleasing smell. He orders Abraham to sacrifice his son on an altar as a test of loyalty (although he stops the sacrifice just before it occurs). Certainly this would place an impact on a father-son relationship. Later in the Bible he torments Job to prove to Satan that Job is loyal to him and won't turn away. This is hardly admirable conduct from a divine being. We always have a way of justifying our misbehavior don't we. What better way to explain our aggressions against others, "its Gods word", or "its Gods will". The Old Testament is filled with admonitions from the God Jehovah to break down the walls of the city, pillage, loot, kill all the men, keep the virgins for yourself and on and on. The amazing thing is that to this very day, people flock to churches and admire the "God" who ordered the raping, looting, genocide and pillaging