who is getting resisted ????

People got brains bwana raila odinga

Read this kne from sam ogola


Dear Hon. Raila Odinga,

I watched you turn NASA into a Resistance Movement (whatever that is) and I have no problem with that. In fact, you may call it Odinga Resistance Army...still it won't bother me.

Baba, my reservations touch on the second part of your "earthshaking announcement" election eve announcement i.e boycotting products from government and Uhuruto supporters. Why? I'm glad you asked.

I, like thousands of Luos living Nairobi (your target audience)...

1. Live in a rental house owned by an Uhuruto supporter...Do I move out beginning tomorrow? If yes, where to?

2. Commute to and from work via Matatus (mostly owned by Okuyu). In the spirit of resisting Uhuruto and his supporters, do I start trekking from tomorrow or is the resistance going to provide Resistance Bus Services?

3. Is in the Juakali sector, where 70% of my clients are Uhuruto supporters. What should I do? Pack back to Nyanza or the resistance has enough clients to replace the ones I have.

4. Use household products and foods from companies and businesses owned by government and supporters of Uhuruto. What's the way forward jatelo? Is milk from Luo Nyanza Creameries ready for shipping? What about the Luo Unga Group, is the flour ready for shipping to Nairobi? Sir, where will I get bread...tell me the Gor Mahia bread is still in circulation.

I could go on and my Supreme Leader, but for now...just answer the 4 questions. And thanks in advance.

Yours Truly,

Samson Ogola
Luo Living in Nairobi (Your Target Audience)

kah tony

Village Elder
kuna nyangau kwa matatu ilisema wakikuyu wote watoke mombasa, mzee moja akamwambia kongowea kikuyu ni 80% wakifinga biz wacoast itabidii wakuwe wanakula korosho na nazi pekee
Coast ni melting pot kama Nairobi. Kumejaa shiny, dim eyes, wakanesa na hao watu indigenous na ukweli usemwe akina meria na outsiders wengineo ndio kusema huko.