who is this journalist in ktalk

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I have also noted Mwalimu Andrew uses ktalk language quite often. Terms like df, mafisi, hekaya, etc feature in his stories.

uncle nyam

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Used to also happen alot in klist... Terms like df, hkm were coined by one @ekamsweu and elaborated more by TLS to DFHKMBLBHNKNQXYZ also terms like team mafisi started in klist . was surprised to find it trending on Twitter one morning. Now it's all over . Muchathas team kawasaki etc... I think guys here have high iqs that's why the rest follow our lead


hiyo si gazeti. what they practice is not journalism but fantasy and rumor mongering spiced with real people's names...
I just stopped reading it. Hata hiyo website yao ya sde i only go for the crazy Monday articles
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