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  1. jinchuriki

    jinchuriki Senior Villager

    Okay mi nilichoka na kujitafutianga game za kubet so nikaona solushen ni kufuata matipster. Anyway hii plan imework out a little bit juu winning rate imeimprove kuliko venye nilikuwa najitafutia magame. But still lazima ufine tune hio acca to your guts feelings juu pia hao hukosea ata kama ni game mmoja. Okay so nimefuta tipster mmoja kazi ingawa alikuwa volunteer nataka kumreplace so priss nipatieni ur best free tipster mwenye unajua na isikuwe wewe. Na juu wakenya hamtakangi kuona wengine wakiendelea wacha ni wape tipster mmoja stadi sana by the name phill barrs in good faith.
    hii rink ni tips za leo

    ukiskia kukunia kwa thread ni sawa bt ujue tishu imeisha. asande.
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  2. Novice

    Novice Villager

    Thank You Gambler
  3. weed

    weed Village Elder

    Normally use lifeofbetting.com.... His winning rate is approximately 4/5..
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  4. 10000 OTHERS

    10000 OTHERS Village Elder

  5. Slim_fit

    Slim_fit Village Elder

  6. dr edu

    dr edu Village Elder

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  7. Mogaka

    Mogaka Villager

    Kama uko twitter, follow Footy Accumulators and TipTopTips247
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  8. BottleJuice

    BottleJuice Senior Villager

    Go to bbc sports there is a guy called Lawro. Most of the time he is spot on.
  9. mututho wa kk

    mututho wa kk Senior Villager

    Wengi wa ma tipster wananukaga meno sana
  10. daudiyulemsee

    daudiyulemsee Senior Villager


    G-STAR NYONGETHA Senior Villager

  12. Ngimanene na nyeni

    Ngimanene na nyeni Village Elder

    Swali tu, pare telegram majamaa hushinda wakianika vile wameshinda and for guys to join their channels, anyone ever joined and the process, minimum bet?
  13. Mr. Shark

    Mr. Shark New Villager

    Wale they only posting what they won, but for those that they lost you can't see them posting
  14. KeleleZa Chura

    KeleleZa Chura Senior Villager

  15. 1776

    1776 Village Elder

    this is true. joined vip of another called the TMT VIP something like that. masweep kunifuata tu hadi nikatoka after around 3 days - and i had paid 700 for the month.
    kuna some good ones out there but you'd best be careful.
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  16. dr edu

    dr edu Village Elder

    This one rates high. His winning rate is amazing.
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  17. mayekeke

    mayekeke Village Elder

    Sitted here discussing sportpesa with the boys, I've shown guys that life of betting website, mmoja anauliza how to apply the info on the website onto the sportpesa betting stats?
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  18. dr edu

    dr edu Village Elder

    There is a time they had posted games with 8 odds and I only picked two games . I regretted not picking all.
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  19. mayekeke

    mayekeke Village Elder

    How do you know which team is going to win with the little info they give? Also using the same info how do you apply it to sportpesa?
  20. dr edu

    dr edu Village Elder

    I countercheck with other tipsters or h2h websites
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