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is there any truth in this?

Great work you do in your articles.
I earn $3,500 (Sh360,500) at the United Nations. Less my bills and other expenses, I am left with roughly $2,000 (Sh206,000). Kindly advise which eye-catching SUV I can maintain within that amount or less? I’d love the Range Rover Vogue TDV6 or a sport version of the same engine but I’ve read in some forums that owning one is disastrous. Is it possible to maintain one with this amount? I drive 30 kilometres daily. Kindly advise on any alternative if that is not possible.
Hello Okumu,
Please refrain from publicly divulging your wages. It’s only decent.
That being said, I’m not sure a disposable income $2,000 (206,000) a month is comfortable enough to run a Range Rover on. Sure, it is a comfortable place to be — especially in this economically grim election year — but certain cars have certain price tags to intentionally box out the aspirational middle class, of which you are one.
Now, on paper, your salary should cover any eventuality that arises from ownership of that motor vehicle, but life does not happen “on paper”, which is why there are certain unofficial “guidelines” on how much to spend on a motor vehicle.
Smart money advisers insist one should not spend much more than 10 per cent of one’s annual income on a car, but that is just ridiculous because this means that with your healthy pay packet of $42,000 (Sh4,326,000) a year, you are limited to a first-generation Toyota Premio or a Subaru Legacy BH5 like mine, yet I earn waaaay less than you do. No, can’t do. The “compromise” is one fifth of the annual income, which lands you in something newer, but still used. And you are still in Range Rover territory, even for ageing overused examples. Range Rovers might depreciate worryingly, yes, but they are not exactly free of charge either.
I could play the part of the brutally honest Agony Uncle and tell you to out your dream on ice until you go through two or three salary increments. PHOTO| FILE| NATION MEDIA GROUP
If you are a dedicated and hardened petrolhead, then you are allowed up to half of your annual salary on motor vehicle expenditure. Close but no cigar. $21,000 (Sh2,163,000) might eventually get you into a used Range Rover if you search hard enough, but this is the kind of Range Rover that will quickly suck up the remaining half of your salary that you didn’t spend on purchase; and no, we are not talking of the disposable part. I mean your entire salary.
That being said, how badly do you want a Range Rover? I could play the part of the brutally honest Agony Uncle and tell you to out your dream on ice until you go through two or three salary increments; or I could be the devil on your shoulder and scream “YOLO, b---!” in your ear and exhort you to go for it; there is no time like the present. At the end of the day it’s your call, but really... just do the math yourself.


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Buying a RR on salary income is just crazy. $2000 salary is good but not RR territory. This sounds like keeping with the Jones however I doubt even the bosses have RR themselves. RR is too expensive to fuel and maintain. It also depreciates in value fast while spares are expensive as well. I know of MPs who even struggle with it.

My advice if he is willing to spend 4 million a year on a car this would be my advice. Tafuta @xtrail buy a good 1800Cc car either Toyota, Mazda, Nissan and Honda for 1 million. Heck even a hybrid will make you popular at UN for being green. 3 million tafuta @Randy or @byro and get a plot, fence it with a stone wall, install a borehole and solar power setup. Year two when the RR is now a real bother to maintain, you should have put up a 4 bedroom plus sq house on the land. Rent, water and power bills are over. The smaller car is still good and you are living very comfortable such that you can even have some decent savings in the account. Year 3 the RR should now be on sale after all the stress. At that time spend 1 million on cyton investments 18% annually return, 1 million on buying 5 plots, 1 million on a business like executive barbershop (500,000 setup, 500,000 its account opening balance), 1 million tafuta @M2Random to advice you on stocks investment and lastly 1 million in farming such as growing trees in 1 acre farm that will mature in 5-7 years. From then on you are ok even if you lose the job. Proud team bloti.
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Who will win the 2022 elections? Ruto vs Raila.Cast your vote!

Who will win the 2022 elections? Ruto vs Raila. Cast your vote!