18+ Why beatiful women always fall for Bad-boys,,Beta males and nice guys always finish last..NYACHWANI writes

By Silas Nyanchwani.
"Women are such poor judges of male character," says John Corey, a character in Nelson DeMille's Plum Island.
It is one statement from a book that I love and consoles me every day when I see a woman setting herself for a massive heartbreak. Because it is something that we see every day. Esther Arunga and Jackie Maribe are high profile cases.
In my daily life, anytime I hit the club, with some of my more nauseating friends, really dicky, it is the dicky fellas who win the day.
Women say, they hate boring men. They like interesting men. As in bad boys. Most girls spend their most youthful years chasing the bad boys and being treated badly. And when they have been wasted, they look for any boring, employed chap and tie him down.
Isn't life interesting?
There is a truism in the statement that nice guys finish last. History is littered with so many men who did such nice stuff to women, but women treated them like trash in the end, and went on to marry some thug. I am not the nicest person in the world. But I do try to be kind in the most humane way. But virtues like kindness, humility, generosity and such are the least rewarding in the seduction game. Try that, and an average girl will walk on you like you are a piece of crap.
Religious men, responsible husbands, good husband's often endure the worst marriages. But our alcobolic and abusive uncles, friends etc sometimes have marriage figured out. Why? I will never know.
Every time I look around, the cheats, the alcoholics, the most irresponsible men always have relatively happier marriages. But the nice guys need a permanent supply of Mara moja in the house.
I am not telling men to be bad people. I just want them to know that being nice will not reward you much here on Earth. Only in heaven.
I have seen women take some really silly and dumb risks for thuggish boyfriends. I don't know of a woman who took a risk for a good man.
And such is life. Women think that to be female is the worst experience. But try being a nice guy. That isht, sucks.
Like I know this girl. When she met a guy she thought she would marry(and she will marry him in August), she started playing games with him. Mind games. Like how she goes to church. Like how she can't just give it up. She demanded a wedding(and the dude is giving her one) and such mind games. In the meantime, she spends every weekend(and random week days) with some thug, who looks like the OG cable layer.
The problem here is that this girl will marry the boring guy and nag him to death. But will never nag the thug. A bigger lie, has never been sold.
What makes bad boys attractive is that they ignore women. There is a trick I learnt and it works. If you want a girl, act like you are ignoring her. It drives them crazy. When fawn around them, drooling, telling them they are beautiful this, beautiful that, you are talking your way into the friend zone. And she will lock your ass there for good. She will humiliate you every Friday. You will buy her drinks a meal and everything, but at 11, she will take an Uber to her man.
Women say they like men who like to listen to them. A bigger lie has never been sold. The men who ignore them the most get the most attention. I am speaking generally.
Anyway, sisikii vipoa.
Have a fruitful day. Regardless, be nice.

Azor Ahai

Village Elder
Why do people waste so much time trying to figure out women?? That is how they are created so the best you can do is outsmart them in their own game.