Why did I do this?

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After the unfortunate incident yesterday at work, I was made to eat a humble pie. A special meeting was called this morning with my superiors including the HR(na vile the Mmeru guy ako na ufala considering I come from the other region) to discuss mr. Twanga and his unbecoming conduct.
To cut the long story short I was to meet the victim with his lawyer at the police station to discuss an out of court settlement to end this kisanga. I have been slapped with a bill of 100k for hospital charges and damage. After clearing that part now I have to go back to the office and clear the mess(damaged printers) at the office plus get a judgement on my future at the organization. I guess I need a lot of luck as I head to the dock in the office. Wish me well na watu wa matusi ............ eeh I'll see what to do with you nikimaliza.


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They say that DO NOT REACT IN A MOMENT OF ANGER....Just breath in, then count 1-10 and quietly walk away..you will be glad you did or otherwise you will regret bitterly that you didn't (like in your case:()


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Iza jo. If your mate drinks, mfuate akibuy make sure iwe open bar hiyo pesa yote muikojoe kwa choo ya club. It is the least way ya kuenda hasara.
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