Why Do Most Black People Feel the Need to Impress?

Alot of us do not come from wealth so when you get new money its like you have hit the jackpot.

I can still remember my first paycheck that was a great feeling i will always remember that day.

And all these designer clothes and shoes that people buy they do it as it makes them feel good they make them feel they are something makes them feel powerful.

Until you get older and hopefully wiser is when you realise that all this stuff really does not mean anything in this game of life.

Everything gets old with time.


Village Elder
when you want to feel good, stay in a good house and drive a comfortable car they say you are trying to impress. But when they are in need they will praise you for giving them shelter or a ride. Wivu tu! We only live once and savings and investment can disappear in a day. a new technology can be discovered and Zukabaga lose everything overnight. But again do not misuse