Why do you call yourselves "shiny eyed" (


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Am not insulting anyone here heck am half kikuyu but being new here i've noticed this categorisation into shiny and dim eyed n was wondering where it came frm. Could it be that kikuyu associate themselves with pple from Abbysnian kingdom (black jews) who a branch is said to have settled on mt kenya hills before coming of GEMA communities to the hills and being assimilated...Nauliza tu kama curious villager
With the half-something bullcrap, I am sure it will make you feel justified like a former banned villager.
Am just posting a question out of intelectual interest about my culture nmekuwa nkisoma some kikuyu anthropologist n this issue jumped at me when I joined this forum


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Shiney eyed person means that one who has the tendancy of wanting to take that doesn't belong to him either forcefully or by bad pretence and so on, dim eyed means been a "Babuonist".


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Its interesting cultural thing kuna same concept among jews n plus kuna ile saying ya "Kulambwa macho na paka" which many kikuyus profess including some of my relatives
Wewe ni Kiambusbery sio? Hao ndiyo walilambwa na nyau macho.... hiyo nyau left them with a an insatiable thirst for what is not theirs.