Why I’m Opting For ****.

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#Thisismystory I am currently a fourth year student in the university. I recently just found out that I am pregnant and this news was the biggest blow in my life. I am in a long-term relationship with my boyfriend who is the father of the unborn baby.

To be frantically honest, I am not ready to be a mother at the age of 22. I have never pictured myself getting married or having children in the future because my parents separated while I was so young and to date this affects me. I am also very scared of the future which is unknown. This is because I have read so many blogs of young mothers in campus who started their lives well with the baby daddy but in the long run, they all ended up being single parents full of regrets of keeping the child.

Another reason that makes me scared is the fact that this is shameful to my mother. My dad is the kind of person who blames my mum for every wrong act done that happens. I don’t want my mother to be verbally abused for the mistake that has been done and for that reason I’m opting for ****. Yes, I know people will judge me as an evil person but its only girls who have undergone this would understand my current situation.

Although my boyfriend is very supportive and willing to help us and marry me in the long run, he doesn’t have a job but is currently looking for one. This fact scares me because I don’t want to burden my parents with my financial problems. I’m here afraid to take the biggest step in my life because of all the reasons mentioned above knowing well that this will affect me greatly and probably bring no shame to my family.

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that man is an idiot, looking for a job and impregnating a girl. Now any income he will earn will go to dependency and fools will cry Boy Child


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In life there are always options imploring to be chosen.Whatever path you cull comes with its own set of challenges,once you take the first step there is nothing akin to turning back

Wrong she seems,but let not our moral and religious inclinations cloud our judgement.Judge not and you won't be judged.
I don't support **** but then sometime we cannot ignore the fact that we just have to end it. My take: Harakisha, but do it professionally. Kimbia pale Marie Stopes, Eastleigh karibu na St Theresa. I am not sure of the charges but I am sure you will walk out of the place in good health, after. On the other hand pale Afya thenta kuna Dr.xxx, you all know the guy. Elfu kumi, pesa ya Kenya and you are home and dry.


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As much as **** is frowned upon, it is sometimes the best option eg after incest or rape.
They only thing I can say to this girl is to think very very very carefully before deciding.
Many children were conceived out of wedlock and everything worked out well.
She may regret this decision the rest of her life.
Don't they all?


It's an innocent life that needs to be protected at all cost by the living. The molester should be behind bars n the laws of the land to prosecute him to the fullest extend.
Even if the culprit is jailed,how is that justice for an inbred child who will probably have mental or physical deficiencies?


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I am currently a fourth year student in the university. I recently just found out that I am pregnant and this news was the biggest blow in my life.
Hapa ndo shida iko a forth year student can't just find out they are pregnant. With all the awareness campaigns I it find difficult to take her seriously. Anyway if she has to do an **** the earlier the better akikawia chances of complications arising will increase.
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Nimekuwa kwa contributions kama 15 za watu kuflush nikiwa campo, and that was back then! Believe me, flush that kid and get your life together.

Some of the beneficiaries of our mchango went got good careers and later got married and have a better life now, which they wouldn't if they were a single mother.

So fcuk all you single mothers out there with your issues:D:D:D

feeding the troll


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Its okay, go murder your baby because you don't want to bring your mum shame.
Go murder your baby coz you love your broke boyfriend so much you don't want to burden him.
Go kill your baby because you fear for your future.
Its okay, young naive girl, sensi!


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Lets be honest, huu ni mwiba wa kujidunga. This is a very selfish person. Contraceptives zimejaa kila place even though si 100% but still kuna chance that she was not using any. Atleast right now she should atleast do something right and that is keeping the innocent kid. How does one live with themselves knowing you killed your own child? Its sickening.


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We don't go about killing the mentally ill or physically challenged individual in the society, do we?
More than not, the babies who are born from such unfortunate circumstances are of normal conditions n given love n care, they prosper to be men n women of good upstanding in the society.
This is not a case of the lesser evil. Nothing haunts more in life like having to take away a life. An individual might seem to have moved past it n he or she is happy in life but later on diagnosed with acute depression n suicidal tendency.