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xxxx.jpg So we had gone for Army recruitment in Bungoma. Days I was so passionate about rugby, so these friends playing for Ulinzi RFC told me they'll hook me up during the recruitment nichukuliwe. At 4am I was at the Kanduyi stadium. I went through the various stages. From thousands the number slowly reduced to hundreds. I didn't see any rugby guys then I knew I was surely not a Liverpool guy, I was alone. It came to physicals. I was by then fit as a fiddle as I was playing for KCB 2, which was preparing for the Nakuru Great Rift tournament and to make it to the team one had to be near perfect.

I went for those laps as guys kept fainting. A hawked eye soldier,a really black guy let's say metallic black was so keen guys were not "stealing" laps. We were down to less than a hundred. They wanted 7. It was so unfair as we were made to do things only possible to the instructor like the one below, but I was so determined remembering the awesome things my cousin, used to tell me about the army more so Air Force, motivated me.

At noon we were about 70 and the instructors were running out of ideas on how to chuja. They wanted to go to grades but they talked something about service men, I believe the lowest rank in the army, so dunder heads were needed. Don't look at me I was qualified to be a cadet.

Suddenly some really fat dude (I wondered if he went through what we did), shouted, "Haya! Watu wangapi wanajua ku March???"
No one moved. Kama unajua ku march simama huku!"

Luhyas being tough headed like 50 guys moved. I didn't.
"Usikuje hapa kama haujui ku March. "
"Fudge... they're kicking us out." I thought to myself. I quickly stood up and joined the 50. Some few idiots followed me.
"Bana kama hujui ku march na uko hapa tutakosana."
Four other buggers and a silly girl joined us, around 10 remained.
"Nyinyi,smameni huko kwa fence."
One guy shouted,"Afande naeza jaribu".
"Kwenda huko kwa fence."
We laugh at him.
"Haiya, attention!!!!"
We all stood at attention remembering the scouts stuff, everyone pushing to the front for the big soldier to notice how attention we can stand.
"Haiya, mta march mkipitia ile gate zunguka stadium mrudi na hii hate,sawa?"
As the rest said sawa lazily, I shouted the loudest "YES SIR!!!!"
"By the left, forward march".
My friend we marched like professionals some Bukusus swinging their heads like pendulums I swear they had won. As we went through gate B of Kanduyi stadium, we heard the big fat soldier shout,"Funga hio gate, me hapana Taka watu wanajua ku march!!!"


Huyo officer alikuwa mwerevu kama solomon,kuna wengine tulikuwa na mahali ingine wakajifanya wanajua maexercise sana ,they were ordered to do frog jumps ,walilia kama watoto.kwa serikali usipeleke kimbelembele

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