Why is Jubilee Campaigning so hard?

When they had a clear lead of 1.4 Million votes? When they have a majority in parliament/Senate/MCAs/Governors bla bla?
When Uhuru was 700,000 votes above the 50+1 mark ?
Is it just the sheer thrill of beating Raila with 70+1?
Rumours abound of massive voter bribery in areas like Kisii/Nyamira/Coast/Western Kenya especially in Busia and Ukambani. Money was being dished out like crazy and that's the reason Uhuru is feeling such a huge loss.

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They got a 1.4 cushion from other elective posts now they don't enjoy that advantage anymore.
Some of us went back to the village or probably changed voting areas so as to facilitate our uncles cousins or even friends their win now jubilee needs to convince us to go back and vote them in