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Why is lion king of the jungle..


Village Elder
What exactly makes the lion the king of the jungle? I’m not even sure lions are the strongest animals.

I'm not sure if the Lion is aware that he is the king. After all, we humans only 'crowned' Lion as the king of the jungle. Alright.

If I'm the kingmaker, I will choose the Lion anyway (obviously!).

Lion has the formidable personality of a King. Just look at him. The highly distinctive mane resembles a natural crown providing an excellent intimidation display! The more casual and lazy "I don't give a f**k" attitude!
I can't think of any other animal to take the coveted king's role.
Tiger? Not my choice. Looks like a XXL sized cat.
Elephant? Nope. Too slow. Pure Vegetarian.
Fox, Wolf, Hyena? Nope. Personality doesn't suit. Lack magnificence.
Rhinoceros? This guy's horn looks a bit weird. Vegetarian.
Monkey, Giraffe, Zebra? I can hear your 'LOL'.
Lion is at the top of the food chain. Only few animals dare to challenge Lion for a fight, that too in rare cases. Lions spend much of their time resting and are inactive for about 20 hours a day (only a king can afford such lifestyle). You can add many valid reasons to justify Lion's candidacy.
Lion is the icon of courage and royalty. A true King!

Plus: Inafikishanga shoti 50 in a day. That is the Threshold in the Lion Kingdom.


Village Elder
Because an alpha male lion with a pride can take down any animal provided they have the numbers
A pride especially those with multiple males can kill an elephant ,giraffe, rhino, hippo.. etc, you name it.
The lion actual can not survive in a jungle its habitat is plains...

Lions are just fucked up....a male lion kazi yake ni kuprotect tuff yake ...once a stronger male dorminate the loser anapotea ku heal wounds then the new alpha murder all the cabs and all the semi mature males ...na ina anzakukamua


Village Elder
An adult lion is no match to a fully grown tiger.

Tigers ndio king of the jungle,Lion on the other hand dominates in the plains