Why isn't Nairobi Investing in a Metro system?

They're only two cities in Africa with a metro system aka underground trains. And that is Cario, Egypt, and Algiers, Algeria. No any other city in Africa has such systems.

The cost of constructing the 22km Algiers Metro cost about 900million euros or about 1 billion dollars or in local currency 100Bn Kenya shillings. If President Uhuru wants something like done in Nairobi he should go and visit and benchmark from Algeria. (someone send him this link) Look at the pictures below and don't tell me that doesn't look like Europe capital? But yet that is an African city committed to moving its people to the future. Guess what Algeria's population is only 41 million people... If Kenya wanted to do a similar project maybe we can use Algerian Construction firm Cosider group to come and do something similar in Nairobi.

In the same note in 2011 Algeria constructed a tramway system in the city of Algiers for about $394 million dollars between a partnership of Alstom and Turkish engineering firm Yapi Merkezi who are building several rail projects in Africa for a very affordable price. The Algiers Tramway which is1 6.2 kilometers and constructed of superior quality than the Ethiopian system. Is the type of urban rail network we should be building on Thika Rd. While on Ngong Rd and Juja/Jogoo Rd should be entirely BRT based commuter system. And the Metro System should go underground between CBD-Uhuru Highway-Mombasa Rd-JKIA, And the Commuter Rail System should connect the counties with one another.

Its no wonder these guys consider themselves not Africans. This place definitely looks like some cities in Europe. But if Kenya would try this, I think it would have to be in Isiolo/Machakos...basically in a new underdeveloped city. Can you imagine the chaos of doing this in Nairobi? Whether it be land costs or even space?
Maybe in Isiolo and Lamu.... Nairobi County under Mike Sonko just forget.


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Mimi, ningependa takataka ziokotwe kwanzia Kawangware,, CBD, Gikomba, Dandora, Githurai... everywhere , Jiji liwe safi kwanza! All potholes na pavements zirekebishwe asap! Hakuna haja ya new infrastructure wakati what we're already using ziko dilapidated.

Besides, all the plans, all the blueprints, and all manners of maendeleo promises nimewahi kusikia za kumordernise Nairobi zingekua implemented Nairobi ingekua a true Wakada!

Sample these...
uhuru-highway-double-decker.png city-ken-1.jpg

What happened to them?
1 Good suggestion but you will be asked "utataka matatu industry iende wapi?
2 where is planning in Nairobi. It's crowded mpaka watu wamekula road reserve wapi space ya tram/ subway
3 kama BRT is over politicized sembuse hii?
I agree on 1 and 3.

Space ya subway? So which Kenyan owns the land say 50 metres below ground. Show me one nimpatie Kuona Mbele award...
They needed space for Thika Road,you know what happened. All we need is to give the job to the peoples president.
Its no coincidence that even AU recognized the genius and gave him a job to do with infrastructure...
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