Right Honorable Raila Amolo Odinga PBUH is the baboon who is okoaring vulnerable Kenyans from this predatory government of Tumbolee whose motto is A LOOTER CONTINUA. Loot Kenyans to death through grand scale corruption that has never been seen before in Kenya. They call him Babuon bcz anawakatsia from killing Kenyans na anaokoa Kenya.

Mr Esquire

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Pia H.E watu wengine humuita macho nyanya na wengine huita D.P Arap Mashamba. Lakini vile Yesu alisema, "Mnafiki wewe, itoe kwanza ile boriti katika jicho lako mwenyewe; ndipo utakapoona vema kukitoa kile kibanzi katika jicho la ndugu yako."


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They said no reforms no elections, at least reality is dawning, no bravado no chest thumping, better policies are the ones that moves forward a country not divisive politics of 41 Vs 1


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Machungu kweli...unajua mdvd looted this country for how long starting with goldenberg in the 90's????? But ofcourse you choose to just be blind to this and forget some 24yrs that are unaccounted for in this countries history
I thought that the mastermind behind goldenberg is Kamlesh Patni?


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Something miraculous happened here. Every gambler, alcoholic or nymphomaniac will tell you that the hardest step is admitting that you have a problem. Caring people can try and help you all they want but unless you take that first step, it’s useless.

@GeorginaMakena just admitted that she knows they her darling, fearless leader is a baboon. She’s probably trying to tell us something more as well about herself. I think you should all stop and congratulate her.

YOU GO SISTA!! POWER, REVOLUTION!! .. and whatever else is in the rallying call. ;) Peace?