Why men don’t want to get married: An American man’s perspective

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So, after the pope made some comments about modern marriages, here is what an American man(I guess) thinks of the farce that is modern marriages

Plagiarised from http://www.cnsnews.com/news/article/cnsnewscom-staff/pope-decline-marriage-form-male-chauvinism

I absolutely love Pope Francis, but I disagree with him 100% here!!

The reason men don't want to get married are simple. Marriage in today's world, is a bad idea for men. The divorce rate is over 50% and 80% of the divorces filed are by women. Thanks to "no fault divorce," a woman can go into any court and declare she wants a divorce. A man has little to no legal recourse in family court. A man stands to lose his retirement, savings, house, car and anything of value that today's "liberated" woman can get her hands on. A man's children will also be used against him in divorce proceedings.

If folks reading this post disagree with me or think I am full of it, I invite them to research what I am saying and find out for yourself if I am telling you the truth!!

If a married man's wife wants to go out with the girls and have a girls night out, that is great. The woman is praised for this. But lookout if the man wants to have a guys night out. If the man wants to have a guys night out, he will be labeled as an absentee husband, immature, lazy and not a good husband since he is not spending every waking hour with his wife!! If the wife wants to spend her husbands hard earned money on her 500th pair of shoes, dress she will only wear once and cocktails with her friends, it is: "You go girl! However, if the husband wants to spend HIS hard earned money on such things as: video games, hunting and fishing tackle, guns, drones etc. The commentary will be: "He needs to grow up!" "When will he stop being a boy and become a man." "He needs to spend more time with his wife." "He still acts like a kid."

Men in today's society are portrayed as dumb, needing a woman to "fix him so he will grow up", always thinking about sex, not knowing how to dress properly without a woman's advice and generally needing a woman in his life so he knows how to put his socks on correctly in the morning.

Check it!! Take a step back when you watch a sitcom, T.V. show or any movie featuring men interacting with women. More often than not you will find the men portrayed as dumb and stupid and "needing" a woman to set him straight.

False rape and false molestation charges are constantly being levied against men, especially at college campuses around the country.

Can't forget about the $%^&* testing women put men through too!! 90% of the time a woman will try to change a guy into a little version of themselves. They follow their boyfriends or their husbands around constantly telling them what they are not doing!!

Just my 2 cents, fellas, but if you choose to get involved with a woman, TREAD VERY LIGHTLY!!! Your odds of success are not good in today's culture and you will be risking more than you can afford to lose and still stay sane!!

Take Care all and catch you on the web!!

Steve Timm


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i Agree to 70% of the article. Today marrying a graduate woman is risking divorce. The number of single mothers in the society is competing with that of couple parents
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