Why Msando Had To Go?

I thought he claimed yesterday that the results were coming from a military installation in Karen. Why then would they need Msando's login?
Si the next illogical conclusion ni military walimuua halafu wakatuma results na Safaricom zikipitia France na Spain?


Village Chief
(A theory doing the rounds)

You have heard server, server, server for weeks now.

Msando was entrusted with some heavy-duty ICT duties at the IEBC, and JaKuon's plan was to get access and fiddle with the numbers during transmission in exactly the manner he now accuses Jubilee, Safron Morpho, Safaricom and others of doing.

Msando was a regular drunk and philanderer, given to fits of flossing when the spirit moved him. He began to boast about the power in his hand and how he held the keys to Kenya's fate. The plan was to inflate for JaKuon using an 'alogrithm', have the shiny goD declared, and then ask Jubilee to go to the Supreme Court, where Maraga and the 3 stooges would do 2013 in reverse. Msando's tendency to be loose-lipped was threatening to blow up the scheme.

He had to be silenced, but not before a failed attempt to get the access codes from him through torture.

On 8/8' when results began to be projected, they reflected exactly what the forms and ROs had recorded, but there was nobody in the servers to distort the numbers. Transmission had to be stopped, and the allegations about 'alogrithms' started.

The rest is sour, costly history for Kenya.
so who killed Msando?