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Why Ruto is the worst choice Kenyans can make


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we are ready to bear the consequences for our actions. hatutaki president aamuliwe kwa boardroom, sababu hapo hatujui tutablame nani. wacheni tuamue sisi wenyewe, akituweka kwa shimo shauri yetu.
No we won't cry. We have suffered like most Kenyans. If you think for one mo that we will turn around and vote Jakuon you best think this again. It ain't gonna happen. Anything, anyone else, and we are good to go.
How many litres of tears did your old man shed during Moi's time?
Those will look like spit compared to what will come.
And what makes you think I'm promoting Jakuon?
And just like you, I have one vote.
And finally, thurakus balls are in their pockets.
Starve the pockets and that will be equivalent to castrating them.
Moi did it...
Arap kimwarer will do it...
There are people who mean well for Kenya...
Look for them and allow them to ensure a good future for your kids and grandkids.
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@langatkipro @sani go and tell Rutow to be wary of madoadoa. Shineye saa hii ni kuvuna Kwa Ruto arap ng'ondu. Wasapere tutamruka 11th hour.
Sisi hatuna loyalty Sisi hufuata upepo ya pesa. The highest bidder akimwaga maganji hivyo ndivyo tutatoka huyu mgondi wenu.