Why Senegal will lose to Algeria


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Low IQ blacks don’t understand simple things such as the psychology of electing your former colonizers as your nations football manager, you wont see asians do this or any other non white countries, only low IQ black africans as Nigeria(Nigger Area), the land with the biggest black population did. And then you wonder why we always lose to jungus in soccer tournaments.... Its because the game is already over before it began, the players are already mentally defeated.

Let me first say that i’m really proud of Senegal, its one of my favourite african countries and good that they choose a senegalese manager who have taken them far. But here is the thing on why they will lose, just like in the last WC Senegal will go in with the mentaliity of playing defence meaning that they dont think they are able to beat the white arabs. Its all about the mentallity. Look closely when africans play against jungus or arabs, they are already mentally defeated.

Blacks are like elephants.



We black Africans have influenced you Somalis to change your custom of marrying your cousins and step-sisters. Since Somalis don't keep records we can only assume that fewer children are born with deformities and mental retardation today.


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Algeria movement when with the ball is top class. the defense must be very flexible otherwise Algeria will finish this before halftime break. Btw have anyone noticed how good is koulibaly(not sure about spelling).
He has accumulated two yellow cards he won't be eligible to play in the final.