Why won’t corruption end in Kenya?

A good question. The answers might not impress you though.

Corruption cannot end in Kenya if you still go to political rallies not to listen to what the politicians have to say but to share the money they have brought.

Corruption will and cannot end in Kenya if when my name is Hon Maize Roaster you don't see the character of Roaster but the Maize in me. According to me this is the greatest form and mother of all corruption.

Corruption cannot end in Kenya if a Luhya/ Luo is not allowed to own land in Kiambu by the locals and a Kikuyu/Meru is not allowed to own a sugarcane farm in Mumias or a fishing boat in Lake Victoria.

Corruption cannot end because “you know Kikuyus have been in power for almost 30 decades, Kalenjins for almost two and a half decades and so its time for Luos/Luhyas and Kambas” as they say. The problem here is that we do not see a person in power, we see a community.


Village Elder
hapo kwa kikuyus owning land in mumias umekosea. They now own large tracts in kakamega, transnzoia and bungoma counties...vihiga tu ndio hakuna shamba ya kununua....waluhyia hatuna shida...karibuni
Hamuwezi kuwa na shida juu at the end of the day we are Bantus and you guys are reserved and reasonable though you lack spine....