widows 10 error


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wanakenya talk stima ilipotea, kurundi kurestart my laptop inaleta error ya "your pc ran into a problem ad needs to restart. well restart for you", which is the best way to troubleshoot ama nikuinstall a new widows


Village Elder
Use the Windows DVD (assuming you have it) to boot into recovery mode. You may need to change BIOS/UEFI boot settings. From there you will go into advanced options and choose repair the computer. You will also have options like Startup repair, System Restore, System Image recovery etc.
Kama hauna DVD, jaribu ku download (using another PC obviously) System recovery CD.
Wewe na desktop hakuna tofauti..nani invest in a good battery kuavoid instances kama izo next time utapata irrepairable error na apk ndio utalilia kwa choo for loosing 464GB of porn