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Wife and vacation to coast



BTW there should be no problem for your sister in law to sponsor your wife and kids for holiday.. just escort them the SGR terminal and wish them well as they go... then pick them up promptly when they return... you will be a very very happy husband and father!!! That is what real alpha-males do!!


Village Sponsor
Buda unaweza kua unachezwa ama ni mtego ndio ulete kunguru ukidhani hayuko alafu akutokelezee... Apa itabidi usome riot act ama ukubali umepigwa chobo.

Mrs Shosho

Nooo Shifo... tell her outright. Waende na wasirudi and see what happens. Hii ni matharao. Hakuna a sis, a genuine sis anaweza fanya hivo. Unless you have missed many ishus in her life...na pia anaenda na watoi? DNA pap.