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  1. Kennedy Maina

    Kennedy Maina Village Elder

    Presidents world over have their wives holding the Bible for them during swearing in ceremonies.
    Will Raila have his wife hold the Bible for him?
    Is Ida ready to eat tear gas?

    Alafu, what if Jubilee decides to "swear in" the losing governors in Nasa areas? They have the police and can easily enforce. I wonder whether Nasa MPs or governors would entertain the idea of their losing competitors getting sworn in.
  2. gashwin

    gashwin Village Sponsor

    the making of jolly rogers

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  3. mache

    mache Village Elder

    And Kalonzo hajafika bado afanye rehearsal?
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  4. Clyde 007

    Clyde 007 Senior Villager

    Raia Mkuu is not been sworn in as CinC or H.E KePres but he'll be sort of a shadow president and shadow cs's to be named later after UK names his,.. it's an unconstitutional arrangement but not treason related, more so to keep govt in check.
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  5. Miss Finest Wine

    Miss Finest Wine Village Elder

    If there is one woman on this earth that I feel sorry for it is IDA. She does not deserve what befell her. being married by a nugu. She has seen it all bless her soul. Lost a child, another one diagonised with illness, and so on and then living with the RAT! a raving mad man. She will go to straight to heaven. She has done hell and purgatory already.
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  6. chebukatineza

    chebukatineza Senior Villager

    Umesahau iyo ya yero yero ya Zanzibar:D:D:D
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  7. sodamadiaba

    sodamadiaba Village Elder

    Lena hakuwahi shikia Dan.
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  8. mpotorico

    mpotorico Village Elder

    Constitution Wives hold the constitution
  9. nyeus

    nyeus Village Elder

    napendanga ida anakuanga mtulivu na polite which is unusual kwa luo ladies wangekua kwa hio level, she luks lyk a disciplinarian of some sought.
  10. Circledot

    Circledot Village Elder

    she is luhya not luo
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  11. Hegoat

    Hegoat Senior Villager

    They don't recognize the government of kenya. How then do they check it.
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  12. Fala 12

    Fala 12 Village Sponsor

    hata saa hii yule anafaa kuwa leader wa opposition ni aukot, alipata kura mingi kuliko babuon
  13. dungaa unusee

    dungaa unusee Senior Villager

    ati ni:eek:
  14. Useless Spectator

    Useless Spectator Village Elder

    Ida is in SA with the daughter
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  15. hcaikp

    hcaikp Village Elder

    I never knew Ida was Luyha, no wonder the silence na utulivu.
  16. Wechez

    Wechez Senior Villager

    Tupe udaku ya ploti
  17. ScotlandYard

    ScotlandYard Village Elder

    Bring it on. We all would love a Swearathon
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  18. introvert

    introvert Village Sponsor

    Nichorewe sketch ya hii 'diagonised' tafadhali nikingojea funguo za boat.

  19. Mzeiya Flany

    Mzeiya Flany Senior Villager

    Where are you getting this info from?
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  20. Hegoat

    Hegoat Senior Villager

    AG Githu Mungai, Put things into perspective. Ni mambo na high Treason.