Windows 10 Linux Dual Boot grub problems


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laptop booting to windows 10 automatically on start-up yet Kali Linux is also installed ...(NO GRUB ) me out fam...!


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i have come to realize that the newer linux distros dont play very well with rufus and the like for me grub failed to install and the only way i managed to solve it was to flash using balena etcher and it went smoothly.


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In case you are using a GPT formatted hard disk in uefi mode, you first need to Create a linux live cd using rufus (remember to select GPT format).

Thereafter, boot into the live cd and mount the linux partition and the efi boot partition using Gparted (included in the live cd). Grub must be installed in the efi boot partition. Not the linux partition.

Angalia hapa.
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Not taking a slight at you or your work, but having kali run from VM would be more appealing for me. Saves on the processing power
I do the same using vmware workstation. Maneno ya boot configs na EFI niliwacha wakati wa Vista. Too finicky. He can use one of the free vm distros like vbox or Hyper-V.