winners church prosperity "gospel" flyer

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I was handed this flyer today morn in this Winners church are just on another level...are there any villagers who worship there


I know you get what i mean. Just don't go to a church because they have catchy fliers, best dressed choir, beautiful building etc
On the bottom of the flier they had schedules of where the buses will be picking up the flock...I kinda noticed that their main target is well...lemmi post the bus pick up points


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Its a brilliant ploy. Get guys to come to church with all this shit, then you know who has what deals going through, with whom, details of the deal, what possesions the guy has, phone numbers, addresses. You will never get away from the buggers.
The next flyer will be come and tell us all your secrets and all will be forgiven and a special favour shall come to you! After that, the blackmailing starts.

These guys are taking a leaf from the book of Hubbard!


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These churches mislead the flock because the people are really desperate, but if they know the word of God well they should remember that during the mission of christ He said that He did not come to provide human comforts but to save people from sin and provide spiritual comfort.

Lust and greed for material wealth is what drives most people to sin.
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