Winter is coming

Musa mwariama

Senior Villager
Uhuruto are now playing by the book, following the constitution and the law the way it should be followed but believe me if the opposition interferes with the election in any way post 26th won't be a walk in the park for them, crossing the line sometimes can be tolerated but crossing the line all the time and shitting on the other side won't be tolerated, this country will not plunge into violence because of a mad man selfish ambitions.


Village Elder
Kuna njia nyingi za kumuuwa paka anayeangamiza raia wasio na hatia. Tunapinga shughuli inayopangwa na kudaiwa kuwa uchaguzi. Wamepeleka maafisa kadha wa usalama kwenye ngome zetu wakidhani sisi ni wapumbavu. Jumatano ijayo, Oktoba 25, nawataka nyinyi nyote msikilize kwa makini tutakachosema. Tutatoa ujumbe kuhusu jinsi ya kumwangamiza paka ambaye amekuwa akitusumbua na kuharibu taifa letu.


The sages said that there are many ways of skinning a cat that has gone rogue and is devouring defenseless innocents. We have said no to the sham process planned in the name of an election. They have carried out heavy deployment of security forces in our strongholds as they seem to assume we are naive. This coming Wednesday 25th October I want you all to pay very close attention to what we shall announce that day. We shall give a message on how we are going to get rid of the cat that has been running amok and wreaking havoc in our land.