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  1. GeorginaMakena

    GeorginaMakena Village Elder

    It is a new year. Perhaps to you nothing has changed. You're are dealing with the same struggles. Life is not what you want it to be.

    First,I want to share with you the secret to being content under every circumstance why? Because it maybe the will of God for some situations you don't like to change no matter how much you tithe,fast and or pray. Paul says,I have been rich and I have been poor,yet I have always been content. How is that possible? Because Paul had the Holy Spirit. He was whole at the very core of his being. So he was content. When you're not whole you're like a leaking bucket, you can only be full briefly and inevitably you leak until you're empty.
    A humanbeing without God is like an eagle in a cage, it'll never be content bcz it is not in its element! Man's element is spiritual! Because man is created in God's image and God is Spirit. An eagle could be the king of the chicken, with the best of everything but as long as it is out of its element, it will never be content! Paul says,he had a thorn in his flesh, he'd pray but it was never removed. Then he discovered thru that thorn that God's grace is sufficient even when the thorn in your flesh stays put.

    Secondly,there are things that with men are as impossible as impossible as a camel going thru an eye of a needle! But then with God they're absolutely and completely possible! This may require the faith of Hannah to travail so fervently before God that He answers almost immediately or that you just wait patiently for 25yrs like Abraham to get one child, but because its a child of promise, your descendant bcm like the stars. Which those with 10 children cant hold a candle to. If you are in this group, here is the secret. Don't focus on your seemingly insurmountable problems. Focus on the promises of God in His Word, focus on His goodness and mercy but most important focus on His faithfulness! Focus on Jesus bcz when you focus on the storm like Peter you will automatically start to sink.

    Let (s)he who has an ear hear what the Spirit is saying.When you hear the voice of the Lord do not harden your heart as those who perished and never entered the land of promise.
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  2. Bingwa Scrotum

    Bingwa Scrotum Village Elder

    Sijasoma ..but ushawahi toa mimba?
  3. Bingwa Scrotum

    Bingwa Scrotum Village Elder

    Na kesho tuamke saa ngapi
  4. ziegler

    ziegler Village Elder

    Seriousness 100%

    Timing 10%

    My view
  5. x-trail

    x-trail Village Elder

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