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  1. Purple

    Purple Village Elder

    But sweetie or swiry is okay I hope! :cool::D
  2. Baba Toto

    Baba Toto Village Elder

    What about us jamaas who are boring because we know how to hide our escapades ?
    Mama toto thinks amenikalia na zile maliar nimekula ziwezi toshea SJ......
    Some women are just dumb.
  3. Purple

    Purple Village Elder

    If Mama Toto is dumb, then Baba Toto is A) Dumb B) Dumber-er C) Dumbest D) all the above E) I’m stupid.
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  4. Baba Toto

    Baba Toto Village Elder

    Nimekaliwa chapo. I'm very dumb.
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  5. AMB_Sunday

    AMB_Sunday Village Elder

    Yeah I know. Finding those grown and sexy mamas is like looking for reason in Ole Itumbi's timeline
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  6. rexxsimba

    rexxsimba Senior Villager

    Women will say all kinds of things ,...
    But the REALITY is that they just love THUGS .....and Thug Loving ...!!

    Act the "Alpha Male" 24 / 7 ...
    Forget Gentleness , Manners , Polite Talk .... Dog every opportunity that you get ...
    In the Bedroom , ...make sure you "Service" every hole in her Body , Expertly , ..and several times every day ...
    She will never leave you ...

    Don't believe me ...???
    Just ask Diamond , Matonya and company ...
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  7. AMB_Sunday

    AMB_Sunday Village Elder

    To a Diamond apo. He has relinquished his position at the high table by apologizing for being a man (who can't stay strapped)
  8. rexxsimba

    rexxsimba Senior Villager


    Herewith a Demo ...

    Thug Loving 101 ..

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  9. Bakayaro!

    Bakayaro! Village Elder

    From the horses mouth:D:D:D
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  10. Owen Carter

    Owen Carter Village Elder

    sawa mwalimu