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Women and their love for jail birds

I was looking at the series I am a killer and there's a black guy who shot his family while high on some drug, so I see that he is now married to some woman who even moved so that she could be closer to his jail.

You gotta realize that something is seriously wrong with this world when a woman will prefer a murderer who is in jail to a normal man and by the way these women are beautiful and they even have grown kids. The Mendez brothers have been married twice since they went to jail.

Our very own Jowie is now somebody's husband and step father. I don't know how that woman can sleep at night with her daughter and a deranged killer in the same house.

Personally I don't believe that any relationship is worth long distance and someone being in jail or accused of killing someone is as long distance as it gets. I don't value men that much that I will come to jail for a man. Unless you are my son or my close blood relative I am not coming to jail to see you. Let alone moving so that I can be near to your jail. I don't know any man who is worth this kind of trouble. I don't care how much I love you, the minute you go to jail, that is the end of any relationship I have with you.

All these psychos in jail have wives and girlfriends writing to them. Chris Watts who killed his pregnant wife and 2 daughters now has I don't know how many women visiting him in jail and calling him and writing him. Even Ted Bundy got a woman pregnant while he was in jail..Then you wonder why men are so entitled. Serial killers on death row have women pandering to their sorry asses.

Especially white women just love jail birds. The inconvenience itself is just enough to kill whatever romance there was. You have to go to a prison to see your husband, I don't know how more pathetic a relationshit can get than that. You can't even hold hands. The women say at least they have control over the relationship since the guy is confined so it's a safe relationship and the thug has nothing else to do or think about except you. Some people are just that desperate for love I tell you.

For me even if an angel appears there's no way I am associating with a criminal in jail. If you are not in jail fine as long as you didn't kill anyone but if you are in jail enjoy homosexuality me I am out. I don't have energy to waste on a man who is behind bars.

If I can't date a broke man how would I date let alone marry a jail bird and write a novel about my life with a criminal. If I want that kind of adventure I will become a criminal myself so I can get first hand experience of a life in crime not vicariously by dating a criminal.