Women need to get their money right

The recent avalanche from Kenyan men to a certain female 'celebrity' because she said that she wanted a man with a fit relationship with money. Aki what is a fit relationship lakini? Btw what is a good relationship with money? I need to google that. Thing is Ive realised men are extremely touchy about money. If you want to be insulted to death please go on public record and say anything that has men and money in the same sentence. You will be in trouble maybe for the rest of your life. Ive never understood why men are so bitter about this issue because if a man could pick between two women with similar traits but one has more money than the other they'd prolly pick the one with money. Who doesnt want to be with someone with chums? I dont know anyone. For men thats fine but if a woman picks a wealthier guy she's a gold digger, but if say a man prefers a younger prettier woman he is not a beauty digger but if a woman prefers a wealthier man she is definately a gold digger,she is not a good person,she is vain, she is superficial and she is HYPERGAMOUS. There's a question I ask my 'male friends' , if your mom had a choice between a rich guy and a poor guy to pick to be your dad , who would you have liked her to pick. Let's just say , its never the poor guy. Like Richard? Kiyosaki - Rich Dad ,Poor Dad - looks like kids can also be pretty hypergamous or golddiggerish huh?

I'd never really realised how big a deal money is till I started working and I could see lovely wives of poor men being serenaded with money and being used by these 'Big men' because these women had no money and their husbands didnt have much either. One househelp I had who was a Christian had to sleep with a guy she worked for whose wife had died of HIV because her husband and father of her three kids had no job. As a woman when you have no money, you are very vulnerable. This is worse if you have kids and you really struggling to provide. I can tell you for free that about any woman in this world will sooner go out and prostitute herself than say watch her child die because the child is sick and she has no money to pay for medical care. Men can walk out and look the other way even if it means the child dying or not going to school or eating but a mother never. This is why women cant afford to be poor . They cant .When shit hits the fan ,men can walk out of their kids and never look back. I know plenty who've done it, personally I dont know any woman yet even the ones on streets who will dump a child and never look back.

I have apologetically said that women shouldnt see poor men because they need space to focus on getting their money right. Secondly men's identity comes almost entirely from money, so a man without money, is basically a guy who is very unhappy because he doesnt have a secure sense of identity. This is why majority of these murder cases committed are of men who are not financially stable. Many are students , others have lost money or a job. So basically a poor is a very insecure, angry man, a frustrated man and a dangerous man. I dont know what this lack of money thing does to men but they cant handle it. Women can be poor and not have a poor self esteem because of it but finances affect a man's self esteem more than anything. So if you dont want to deal with a moody person , a person who always suspects you of cheating , a man who turns into a bully for no reason just avoid any man thats poorer than you.

Wealthy guys are great but if you as a woman are completely dependent on them. They tend to be tyrants. Like if you disagree with him or ask him why he never came home , he can deactivate the car he bought you ,throw you out, beat you to a pulp and you still will crawl back because first of all you are used to the 'lifestyle' ,you just cant imagine downgrading and you have no money of your own so basically the man's bitch. I know a few men who are wealthy but very modest and disciplined but majority black men especially younger generation when they get rich they lose it completely and go on a rampage like Kori Karue - the guy who's wife was killed by his mistress. So you can be sure more money more problems more cowives. Name it. I visited a former schoolmate of mine who discontinued school after 4th Form to marry a very wealthy guy,she was a housewife , the lady cried on my shoulder for 2 hours. She was miserable.The guy would beat her up, throw her out at night and even bring women to their matrimonial bed. A few years later she had the courage to leave,go back to college and make something of her life. She took back control of her life.The world can be very rough especially when you dont have your own money as a woman.

So the best thing is to just have your own money, have your own money, dont do joint investments with the joint name of Mr and Mrs So and So like Linturi's wife Keitany because utarukwa like this was just a woman who I was housing as a friend.Invest for yourself , have all the land or property you buy in YOUR name because even if you are a couple you need individual assets, if your partner isnt down with this, do it behind his back. Its about your financial security and that of your kids no compromise here, you cant depend on someone esle's goodwill for something that serious. Secondly never ever spend a single coin of yours going to build a palatial home in a man's ushago, like Ms.Keitany who built Hon. Linturi a Kshs 54M house at his shags,same goes to taking loans for men and joint accounts , have boundaries to secure your finances. Ive seen enough women who did this and lived to regret it.Kama ni pesa uko nayo mob, inua flats and put them in your mother's name in trust for your kids. You can never invest too much for your kids. Dont go falling in love hadi you sabotage your financial future and that of your kids because a man can waltz out and go start a whole other family and forget your kids exist. I know a woman whose husband went to work in SA and completely disappeared ...just like that. It'll all be on you so if theres anyone who needs a head start on financial security that would be you the woman , the mother.

Financial independence is a pretty good insulator.Poor people are vulnerable and more so if theyre female and have dependents. Poor people dont have choices.Money insulates you as a woman from alot and it gives you power. The power to choose. You can leave a bad job,a bad or abusive marriage, a bad neighborhood if you have the means. Being a woman makes you pretty vulnerable because as we all know its a man's man's world. Women are vulnerable biologically,physically,financially name it. So the best thing you can ever do for yourself as a woman is just ensure that you are financially secure in and of yourself. Not via a man or even a job. Seek to be financially independent and secure as early as you can in life. Get your money right early. Dont get into pyramids and joint investments with brothers and husbands and boyfriends try to be as independent and as conservative an investor as you can. Get your education early. Go as far as you can. Opportunities are there but you have to be prepared to meet them. Cant change the fact that the world is hierachical but you can do alot to protect yourself and your posterity , when you are considered to belong to an underclass for whatever reason. Just ask Oprah. She's a woman and she's black yet many white and many men cant even dream of the life she lives.

Why did this black americans used to call white people - THE MAN???



Makena you have a mouthful but you are right. Women will always look for security (money, power, physical strength) over looks (read handsomeness) whereas men will look for the beauty and body of the woman. That is how nature intended it to be. And that is why women are extemely attractive in their most fertile years (read 13 years to around 25). Men on the other hand are most attractive in their late thirties to sixties.. That is nature and we cannot stop the reggae


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Women should look for enough money to be autonomous, but they should also understand that if they make crazy money, it will reduce their dating pool significantly. Also having sheet loads of money will not increase your attractiveness as a woman. Oprah does not have more suitors than a Victoria Secret Angel
Whenever I see more than 4 lines of text my reading goes through the window
Dont try to do a Masters or PhD because you have to do something called Literature Review where you have to read books and people's thesis in the hundred to just write one thesis. Just like they said, if you want to hide something from a black man hide it in a book.
At the end of the day a broke woman will suffer more than a broke nigga ... women need to be on very high alert. Yes it’s a man’s world out there.
Thats the truth yet even wealthy ,learned ,corporate women like Ms.Keitany will make very unwise decisions with their money like building properties worth more than even the land, on land belonging to a man or putting properties in men's name or joint knowing how long land/property dispute cases can go on in a Kenyan court. Sasa unashindwa if this is how a woman with a PhD can reason ,someone who was a whole Chief of Staff in a Deputy President's Office mama mboga atasaidikaje? Women can be very myopic and flippant on very,very serious matters. The problem is women are very emotional,submissive,trusting and giving when they are in relationships. They cant differentiate between their emotions and the reality of a situation. I am all for women loving whichever man they want, they want to love the devil or a beggar or even a guy with HIV fine love him but dont think that love/feelings can neutralize reality,if the man is the devil he is the devil ,if he is a beggar he is a beggar and if he has HIV he has it, all the love in the world cant change that reality so better snap out of the illusions. And this things happen to women over and over but other women still fall in the same,same traps.They never learn from the mistakes of other women. A man be it your bro or husband pesters you to take a loan for him , you do it and give him all the money. Baadaye unachwa ukilipa loans hata hujui pesa zilienda wapi. When you are in vulnerable position in life, it is you who needs to think straight more than the others. You cant afford mistakes because theres already one strike against you, the fact that you are female.You have to be sharper and more vigilant and less trusting than anybody else. I will not lie that Ive never been approached for especially these joint investments. I have severally have never once invested anything jointly with any man including my own blood brothers who have approached me to do business together and the like because Ive seen too many women get used and get burnt even by their own brothers. Others send money to build inakuwa diverted by their bros, sasa if your own bro can do such what of a man who isnt even related to you. Women trust men too too much. To their financial destruction. Theyre too dependent on men. If a man can invest or build so can a woman. Men exploit that dependency to fleece women.

When as a woman you are financially stable even bosses know not to step to you for sexual favours because wanajua hakuna kitu huna so they have no financial need in you they can exploit. When you are a poor woman especially single mother or they know your husband is unemployed nobody respects you , your male collegues dont and your bosses just know they can f**k you anytime because you are always struggling financially,living from hand to mouth. Wakisikia mtoto wako ni mgonjwa they call you and give you money before you even ask so that when they want sex even if its in the office you cant say no coz huna mbele wala nyuma. Nakwambia theres nothing worse in this world than being a woman and you have no money of your own, wanaume watakukanyaga kama carpet. That is when utajua wanaume ni akina nani. But when you are ok , you are like somebody protected by a fortress no man can do anything to you coz hata huyo boss akileta kinaa unamshow bye boy. Kaa na kazi yako ,I will still eat and drink and live in a nice house even without your stupid job na madhaarau zako za peni mbili.
Men are gods and they should know that. We are more intelligent, stronger, age better, emotionally balanced, more likely to make more money, and with 15 times more testosterone coarsing through our veins.
If they are gods and age so well , why is their life expectancy 10 years less than that of women?If they are more emotionally balanced why are they the majority of suicides and homicides and criminals? More likely to make money nooo , women are more likely to make money its only that they dont bother, in the garden of Eden only man's work was cursed never woman's. If a woman goes out and applies herself she will make twice as much money as men and thats why they has to be discrimination against women because men know if the playing ground is equal who will be coming out on top .

This is a post about women and for women please take your Mathogothanio (MGTOW) crusade to another platform. Men are not more anything, infact theyre less everything and this is why the world is as shitty as it is, because its a man's world. If men went to space for a couple of months, no more police stations, no more crime,no more rape, no more bigotry, no more abuse,no more violence,no more murder, no more HIV,no more wars , no more nuclear weapons,no more antisemitism ,no more ,no more ,no more. I could go on but you get the picture, men are the curse of the world and the cause of everything thats wrong in the world.

My point in this entire narrative is women should get money so they can minimize their dealings with men to that of men serving them not men being their providers and hence masters because frankly men are nothing but trouble wealthy men are trouble and poor men are the worst trouble of all. So the only way out of dealing with problematic species is get money bcz without money you are gonna have to be someone;s bitch most likely a narcissistic male.

I promised myself not to argue with people in cults because theyre logic and statistics averse. And I am a person of the mind, I want facts, gimme facts that men age better than women? Give me their health stats vs women's ? Men dont age better at all sir. Men dont take of their health in comparison to women and any doctor will tell you as much. Give me data, empirical data, statistics , stuff that a logical person can understand not empty rhetoric to massage your ego. How much of a god can you be if you have to bash women or any other group of people on a daily basis to feel good about yourself? All this anti woman sentiment is just a defense mechanism to deflect issues that you people have about your self image. How does bitching about other people incessantly make someone a god. Like God is just sitted in heaven bitching about how He is more emotionally stable than Satan ? To the angels like you guys I age better than Lucifer? I have better hormones and I can create things better than Lucifer. Can you see how retarded this BS is. Anyway, whatever works to make you feel better about yourself . Yall seem to really need it.

Ohhh I ammmm a ggggooooddd . God never said He is God. Everyone knows it. Satan on the other hand an imposter is always at it. If you are a ggggooooddd why do you need to try so hard to convince us, keep reminding us everyday, but you knowww I am a ggggooooddd because I am not a woman. Like its just pathetic when your entire self esteem is built on endlessly bitching about someone else. Anyway enjoy your cult . I dont even know why I bother with you guys coz you can not engage someone on anything based on logic, the other day I presented some facts to another one of your ignorant cult members he had to change the topic coz his brain is just empty, he knows nothing except to keep singing the things you are taught in that cult - like he cant just give you even one fact nothing he cant challenge any argument with logic ,his best rejoinder is I dont argue with women .Sasa watu kama hao si I better just go read this book, it'll be a better use of my time, I have one on my desk right now.

Women should look for enough money to be autonomous, but they should also understand that if they make crazy money, it will reduce their dating pool significantly. Also having sheet loads of money will not increase your attractiveness as a woman. Oprah does not have more suitors than a Victoria Secret Angel
What I am discussing here isnt about dating, its about not being poor because the poor have no dignity be they male or female . And because we live in a sexist world , its even worse to be poor as a woman. Again, this is not a platform for you to sell the beliefs of your cult. Oprah has money, she doesnt need a man to eat like some really beautiful but women do. They have to sleep with unsightly men to feed their kids, so your looks as a woman are not a bankers cheque. The word is filled beautiful poor women. Endaa slums ujionee na macho. And btw I know plenty of beautiful women who live in the slums because guess what men are also hegemonous or hypergamous? A man who grew up in Karen will never marry a woman from the slum even if she is as beautiful as Lucifer( I hear he is extremely beautiful) . Class segregation is still in place. Wealthy men may sleep with poor beautiful women but to boost their social status they will marry women of their socio economic class. And that happens across the world. So I am just telling women for their own protection to have money. Your looks cant pay a hospital bill ,money can. Btw even ugly and old prostitutes make money so at the end of the day everything boils down to money, even if you have a man or men and you have no money you are still nothing and you will be treated like a piece of garbage and like a piece of meat. Money means you have dignity. Dignity is better than any man in this world especially when you are a woman, you dont want to be made to wear a bikini and kneel to tie his shoe laces or suck a rapper's d*ck and other degrading things because you are beautiful but you are poor. On rainy nights you are out in the cold half naked looking for a man who will give you money for sleeping with you ,what kind of life is that? Btw I would never encourage anybody to have their daughter be a model. Its degrading, its dehumanising and most of those models never end up well anyway because in the eyes of men they have no dignity and all they are is like a piece of meat ina butchery. This is the kind of lifestyle and narrative I am telling women to get money to move away from. At the end of the day its a capitalistic world , thats why the most powerful people in the world akina Trump are not the pretty boys oor girls but the ones with the Benjamins wengine you are just pawns and flowwer girls. And women must come out of the mindset that its all about looks. Nah. Its all about the money. Plenty of broke beautiful women.Plenty of degraded beautiful women being abused by their wealthy husbands. In the droves. But there are no broke wealthy women or degraded wealthy women being abused by bosses or husbands bcz they are financcially dependent on them. Are we together Cultist? Toka kwa cult and use your brain for a change .

A smart man like Jay Z didnt marry a ghetto princess and I am sure ni wengi zaidi, he married a woman with money. This is about the only black man I have some respect for he even went to college, what rapper goes to college, the rest are busy sleeping around

Having a man without money is worse than having no man. What you have is like this guy who made a hyena his pet. Nothing but a nuisance. Mwanaume ni pesa, if you aint got money as a man might as well be another woman but atleast another woman can clean and cook.

A man with no money is like this pet ...LOL

Every little girl's dream should be to be a rich girl.... not this other BS about only having acess to money thru men

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The difference money makes....choices... DIGNITY

I am not sure I can say the same for looks.... Video VIxen Angel - so dehumanising , who wants their daughter to go thru this? Giving rappers blowjobs and walking around half naked. This is the life of depending on men for money

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